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Weather's getting warmer! Here are some helpful hints to safely enjoy the heat.

Wear Sunscreen - Even SPF 5 can be beneficial in preventing painful sunburn. Scunscreen also greatly reduces the risk for developing skin cancer later in life. Remember to apply sunscreen everywhere, including face, ears, and the back of the neck. Any exposed skin needs to be protected.

Hats and Sunglasses - Did you know you can get cancer in your eyes from sunburned retinas? Keep your eyes protected by shading them from the sun's UV rays with hats and sunglasses.

Water - Keep hydrated! Make sure you have a full water bottle before heading out on hikes or places without a ready drinking water source. Gatorade is also a good choice as it replaces electrolytes lost from sweating.

Have Fun! - Hope these remind everyone to have a fun and safe summer. Enjoy the weather!

~~"Red", a.k.a. Laura Swanson, RN/BSN

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