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SpaceX has stepped it up again. They are planning to build the worlds most powerful rocket since the Saturn V was retired. From the website......

 "Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket, represents SpaceX's entry into the heavy lift launch vehicle category. With the ability to carry satellites or interplanetary spacecraft weighing over 53 metric tons (117,000 lb) to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Falcon Heavy can lift nearly twice the payload of the next closest vehicle, the US Space Shuttle, and more than twice the payload of the Delta IV Heavy.

Go SpaceX go!!!

Maybe with companies like SpaceX we'll finally start to achieve the dream started in 60's with the Apollo program, but this time free enterprise will lead the way with cheaper access to space. Hopefully gone are the days of the bloated Aerospace Industry that charged so much that they priced themselves out of a job and robbed from us all our rightful future. Just so you understand the cost saving that SpaceX can offer, they roughly will charge only 1/5 what the old Aerospace companies are charging. That could mean five times as many launches or at the very least, programs that were considered to costly could be brought back to the table and made a reality.

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Space: the Final Frontier............



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Ok, Sisters and Brothers of the Elite Geex United, here's is some yummy Tech News!

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That is very interesting


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